Rules of Bingo.

Currently there are 2 main versions of Bingo:


Bingo from 75 balls;

Bingo from 90 balls.


The first is especially prevalent in the United States, while the second in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. The conduct of the game and the rules are still roughly the same.

Bingo from 75 marbles. This version of Bingo is played with 75 numbers, and each folder is made ​​up of 25 cells: 5 vertical columns for 5 horizontal lines. Each player, in order to participate, must purchase one or more game directories (folders are more available and more are the chances of winning).

Each column corresponds to a letter of the word “Bingo”, according to this scheme:


First column = B, with numbers between 1 and 15


Second column = I, with numbers ranging between 16 and 30


Third column = N, with numbers between 31 and 45


Fourt column = G, with numbers ranging between 46 and 60


Fifth column = O, with numbers ranging between 61 and 75



When all players have their own folders of play ready, the “caller” begins to pull one at a time from the abacus beads, indicating the number corresponding to this point the player will have to check if the number drawn is between those of its folders , and possibly mark it.

The goal is to complete one of the folders before the others, by communicating with the word “Bingo“.


The only skill required for this game is so speed in comparison with the numbers drawn on those folders. According to game variants, there may be intermediate prizes just by completing one or two rows of a table, but the Bingo is still the best combination that you can get.

Rules of Bingo