Poker Strategy The styles of play in Texas Holdem Poker

Poker Strategy The styles of play in Texas Holdem Poker

How many of you think that in a game is just a dose of luck to win? It is not wrong, but this thought is not enough to win.

Today we talk about the different styles of play that you can find poker to Texas and which are obviously valid also for many other variants, remember, study your opponent! Often you come across a table where there are players, each with its own style.

Below we list the various types of opponents you can find at the gaming tables


Calling Station


This player also called passive you find very often use the tactic of bluffing and is very hard to frighten him with big raises because he still sees in any case. Our advice is to play against these players unless you have a winning hand, do not try to bluff.


Old Rock


This type of player who is also called regular is holding strong hands, because when you make a relaunch is really something in his hand and if you do not have a good hand that can counter it, never mind!


Overly Aggressive Player


This type of player is rather aggressive to participate in all or nearly hands with raises aggressive against these players the best tactic is to let them play and enter only at the appropriate time with a winning hand, after all is thanks to players like this that often the dish is substantial enough


Tight Aggressive Player


Finally we have the professional player, with this category there is nothing to do but you do not challenge them because of Pro may also lose your underwear so to speak! There are not bluffing, it takes large stakes, professionalism and serves a large dose of luck.


And you what kind of player you are? We invite you to share with us you poker game style!